Andre Linden


I am grateful for this opportunity to convey my huge congratulations to all stakeholders of Kankali Secondary School for the ever growing success of their model school and always wish for the better implementation of the process of making school a model one among public schools.
Within less than four decades of it’s establishment, KSS has grown into a model school, which is successfully nurturing a proficient teaching environment for the learning mind.
I have been very much impressed by the achievement of Kankali School among various schools in a very short period of time. Especially I would like to thank the whole team of Kankali School for the proper utilization of means and resources made available by Nepal government as well as Luxembourg. Similarly I would also like to thank School Management Commitee (SMC), Parent Teachers Association (PTA) and all other stakeholders for their valuable, precious and meaningful support to the school to make it a model as well.
To maintain, to safeguard and to develop ‘soft’ standards of quality in a world tempted by ‘hard’ measures of quality and number, is a challenge for any school in the context of current situation.
I am confident that KSS will continue on its journey to optimal balance and sustainable development.
I am proud to have an opportunity to walk a part of the way together with headmaster Bishnu Paneru, with my friend Madam Claudine Hengesch and with all the stakeholders of the most valuable institution KSS.
Andre’ Linden

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