First of all, it is my immense pleasure to congratulate Kankali School and the entire Kankali family.

From the very first beginning, the school has constantly progressed and has reached the great goal of becoming a model and technical school. Heartfelt congratulations for this major achievement in the history of Kankali School!

Kankali School has already contributed by providing quality education for the citizens. It has prepared them for the challenges of their future life.

I feel honored to write these lines for successful continuation of it till today and have been involved in the success story of the school. I would like to express my gratitude and heartfelt thanks to the all SMC/ PTA members and stakeholders of Kankali family including Mr. Bishnu Prasad Paneru, one of the successful leaders in the field of education.

It is my fortune to work together with my dear friend Mr. Andre Linden and member of Nepal-Luxembourg Association who helped directly and indirectlyfor the progress of Kankali School. Therefore, the support that can be done regarding the school’s progress will be always sincerely continued from my side.

Finally, I am grateful to the head teacher Mr. B.P. Paneru for his right direction, dedication, and inspiration to lead on the top of progress and prosperity of public school.

Thank you so much for providing me such a wonderful chance to draw few words from my core heart as well.

Best Regards

Claudine Hengesc


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